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Mercury Dagger
A Tale From Kraydenia Second Edition


9780645092202 (Paperback)

9780645092219  (Epub)

9780645092295 (Hardback)

Ignorant of the world beyond the walls of Karta, the capital of Kraydenia, young Gordon faces a rite of passage that will reward him with the privilege of being regarded as a man. It has always been a harrowing ordeal, but never like this. Joined on his quest by two others, they find themselves quickly snared by a growing threat ravaging Kraydenia.


Stranded far from his homeworld, Baldrake, the fierce general of the Gar hounds, is shunned from the pack and stripped of his title by the last remaining wolves of Gar. Now, as evil rears its head in Kraydenia, he fights for their name, their honour, and the right to call this new world their home.


With a deep, hidden, tortured past, Malachai not only fights for the land, but also fights the turmoil raging inside him—his warhammer no longer a shiny ornament of obscurity hanging on the wall, but blood-stained and strapped to his back once more.


The companions will have to fight for much more than just Gordon’s cause, as the fate of the world rests in their hands and leads to a mystical journey fraught with danger.


Outclassed and outnumbered, the unlikely band of heroes find an ally who could tip the scales to fight the magic of a powerful sorcerer and the evil forces he commands. But can they trust them?

Cracked Sky

One morning as I woke up I had the urge to write a short, whimsical and lighthearted story. I know this is not what I usually write, but heck, try new things right. This is what came out. Enjoy it, it is free. 

This family-friendly little story tells the tale of a heroic little Lem who stepped up as their world's sky crumbles, and against all odds, she fights to save them from the impending disaster.

Buildings crumble as cake falls from the sky, the Lems have nowhere to go, but little Tess remembered the old stories of Sir Fruigleheit — the mad old wizard — and his fight against the Woodeaters.

Would she be enough to save her world?

Daughter of the Ageian
The Dragon Wars Saga Volume One


9780645092226 (Paperback)

9780645092233  (Epub)

9780645092295 (Hardback)

An epic fantasy novel that starts the series off with a bang! Worlds collide in this adventure when Beuneth loses her lover in a daring attempt to steal a Balamuth - a prison for dragons until they become bonded with a chosen host. During her quest to find her lover she befriends a warlock to aid her in her quest. But things do not always go as planned...

The Balamuth is the most powerful magical artefact in the world, and Beuneth would do anything to acquire it — even kill. But not for her benefit; the Balamuth is half her beloved’s soul, and a dragon’s essence horribly ripped away before he was crippled and cast into a bottomless pit. Following him, she emerges in the far future, when dragons are naught but legend. After absorbing the soul of the last Ageian Gatekeeper — who enslaved thousands of dragons in her time — she enlists the aid of a former enemy warlock and a mercenary prince, heir to the throne of a murdered king. Together, they cross time to free the dragons, only to be hounded back to the future by a mad king and his army, who lay siege to the desperate city where Beuneth and her allies have taken refuge.

Daughter of the Ageian is the rousing introduction to The Dragon Wars Saga, an epic fantasy adventure in the tradition of Jordan and Sanderson that’s sure to keep you on the edge of your seat.

King's Plight
The Dragon Wars Saga Volume Two
(Coming 26 July 2022)


9780645092257 (Paperback)

9780645092240  (Epub)

9780645092264 (Hardback)

Time and allies both come in short supply.

Garidan Rourke has recaptured the throne of New Runswick, with master-archer Ladriana by his side. But all is not well: the army of a mad king from the distant past rages across the land, razing towns, villages, and cities with the help of his dragon allies. Their goal: to steal the life force of hundreds of magi to create a portal home.

Desperate for allies to stave off the ravagers, King Garidan attempts to locate the Ageians, the powerful race that imprisoned the dragons millennia before. Meanwhile, Queen Ladriana undertakes a diplomatic mission to the elves and dwarves to the north, seeking an alliance.

To gain the favour of the Ageians, Garidan fights his way through their dying world to solve a problem they could not. Will he gain their alliance — even as his queen faces threats on all sides?

King’s Plight is an exciting continuation of the Dragon Wars Saga that will take you to new and exciting worlds. Follow Garidan on his journey through the peril he faces.

Warlock-s Path - eBook.jpg
Warlock's Path
The Dragon Wars Saga Volume Three
(Coming 25 October 2022)


9780645301618 (Paperback)

9780645092271  (Epub)

9780645301601 (Hardback)

*Beware of spoilers*

It's a race against time for our allies as King Turneroth sets his anger loose on New Runswick, but will the city's defences hold out against the might of the dragons and the relentless soldiers? And will Queen Ladriana’s pregnancy be revealed as nothing more than a desperate lie to keep her in power?

Now with the knowledge that his journey to the Ageians might have been in vain, Garidan enlists the help of Khanaseri to find Yidrog's host and complete the bonding with the ancient ice dragon: the only one capable of standing against Belroc.

On his travels to find this host, Khanaseri learns that his new possible ally is not to be trusted and could be a bigger threat than what they are facing at this very moment. He will not know until the time has come...

Warlock’s Path is the conclusion to this Epic Fantasy saga. Be ready…

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