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Writing Courses available

All Writing Courses are from Holly Lisle, a well known published author around the world. Below is a couple of the courses that are available. There are plenty more to choose from. 

There’s a difference between “Into every life some rain must fall,” and “I must be standing underneath freakin’ Niagara Falls”—and having been there, all I can say is, you know the difference when it’s falling on your head.

Unstick Your Stuck Writing

Beat Your Writer’s Block!

Make Writing FUN Again, Today!

QUICK COURSE DESCRIPTION: How to create fresh, interesting characters in about in about 15 minutes, how to write them so they live on the page, and how develop them over time for your story OR series.

A Proven System
For Creating Your
Best Possible Work.

And that’s what How To Think Sideways: Career Survival School for Writers offers.

This 29-week course teaches you a unique, systematic, repeatable method for creating not just fiction, but really good, rich, deep, meaningful fiction. Fiction better than anything you ever imagined you could write. (And plenty of writers have used it for their nonfiction, too.)

In Section One: Sideways Thinking on Ideas, you’ll learn to clear out the four thinking obstacles that have stood in the way of your success in the past, you’ll learn how to discover your own “genre” that you can take with you wherever you go in the publishing world, you’ll learn how to work with your Muse, you’ll create ideas on a time limit—but without pressure—and not just figure out which ideas are worth writing, but learn how to improve your keepers, and you’ll discover how to find—or create—the market or markets in which you’ll start your career.

“When Even The Pros Crash And Burn While Rewriting Their Books.
How Are YOU Supposed To Get Revision Right?”

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