Mercury Dagger


Gordon, a boy, turns warrior and hero of the land he loves, a land he does not completely know himself... as it is turned into chaos by those who hunger for power. Befriended on his trials by Malachai - a powerful warrior- they travel and fight the everlasting turmoil in the land. Unknown to them, the plot thickens and betrayal lies at their doorstep. One event leads to the other and they are trapped and forced to finish what was started. Gordon had always dreamed of adventure, but never did he think or realize until now at what price it came. Death lies before them, demons attacked from all sides, through peril they will go forth and fight to stop the evil from spreading. With a deep hidden tortured past, Malachai not only fights for the land but also the turmoil raging inside him. His massive war hammer has turned from shining and hanging on the wall to blood drenched and hanging on his back once more... 

If you are looking for escapism, fantasy and an easy read, then I recommend this book. A somewhat mix between Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and Star Wars. Entertaining especially for the younger audience.

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If you enjoy fantasy that is in the writing style of David Gemmell you would enjoy this book as well. It is a great venturesome story and the heroic characters bring this tale even more to live. This book is a quick, entertaining and enjoyable read and it also brings the reader to experience sadness, laughter and apprehension. I can't wait for other novels by Marius H. Visser.

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