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In this series, you will not only be taken through to a different time but also to other worlds while chaos ensues after daring attempts from the sorceress Beuneth to reclaim her lost love. Events unfold and wars break out. Death and hardship fall on the people of the world during the struggle taking place. Dragons roam the skies once more, dealing death to those caught in their paths. Garidan will have his destiny laid out as he takes his rightful place in the kingdom and searches for allies, but he never thought how difficult such a quest could be. In a race against time, they prepare for the next attacks to come, for they will definitely come.

The only thing to do now is carry on...

Recommended reading order:

Mercury Dagger: A Tale From Kraydenia

Daughter of the Ageian: The Dragon Wars Saga Volume One

King's Plight: The Dragon Wars Saga Volume Two

Warlock's Path: The Dragon Wars Saga Volume Three

daughter of the ageian - ebook.jpg
Daughter of the Ageian
The Dragon Wars Saga Volume One


9780645092226 (Paperback)

9780645092233  (ePub)

9780645092295 (Hardback)

Life is brutish, deadly, and short.

Beuneth knows this better than most. Sold as a child to an assassin's guild, trained to steal and kill, she has lived her life without love. At best, she is no more than a cherished tool, a weapon in the hands of the guild and a sorceress to boot. Until she falls in love with Blanka, a fellow thief, and he with her.

But the guild comes first, no matter what, and the two would-be lovers are forced apart. In desperation, Blanka devises a plan to destroy the guild that is so audacious, it just might work. It starts with stealing a dragon...

If only things were that simple.

With Blanka's life on the line, Beuneth must find a way to save her love. Yet doing so would cut the thread which holds the world together. Can she find the path to save him without destroying the world they live in?

Daughter of the Ageian is the rousing introduction to The Dragon Wars Saga, an epic fantasy adventure that will keep you coming back for more.

King-s Plight - eBook.jpg
King's Plight
The Dragon Wars Saga Volume Two


9780645092257 (Paperback)

9780645092240  (ePub)

9780645092264 (Hardback)

Time and allies both come in short supply.

Garidan Rourke has recaptured the throne of New Runswick, with master-archer Ladriana by his side. But all is not well: the army of a mad king from the distant past rages across the land, razing towns, villages, and cities with the help of his dragon allies. Their goal: to steal the life force of hundreds of magi to create a portal home.

Desperate for allies to stave off the ravagers, King Garidan attempts to locate the Ageians, the powerful race that imprisoned the dragons millennia before. Meanwhile, Queen Ladriana undertakes a diplomatic mission to the elves and dwarves to the north, seeking an alliance.

To gain the favour of the Ageians, Garidan fights his way through their dying world to solve a problem they could not. Will he gain their alliance — even as his queen faces threats on all sides?

King’s Plight is an exciting continuation of the Dragon Wars Saga that will take you to new and exciting worlds. Follow Garidan on his journey through the peril he faces.

Warlock-s Path - eBook.jpg
Warlock's Path
The Dragon Wars Saga Volume Three


9780645301618 (Paperback)

9780645092271  (ePub)

9780645301601 (Hardback)


Dragon’s breath is best left unclaimed…

The twisted mind of King Turneroth takes his forces north, hundreds of dragons at his call. Soon they will stand before New Runswick, the capital of Elmohria, demanding their ultimate surrender. Ladriana sits alone on her throne, awaiting the city’s impending doom.

Plagued by gigantic wyrms, Abru Noxel is slowly dying, its life sucked from within. The Ageians’ world is turning into a barren wasteland. Garidan has the answers to their problems, but he needs the help of an old acquaintance to solve them.

Elmohria’s salvation appears in the shape of a Balamuth lost ages ago. Found in the depths of Abru Noxel, Garidan hands it to the warlock. All Khanaseri has to do now is find the host for the imprisoned beast. The only problem is, the host died a long time ago…

Warlock’s Path is the conclusion to the Dragon Wars Saga: an epic fantasy series that spans worlds and time. Buy now to be part of the adventure.


The World

More to come later. Watch this space

The Dragon Wars Saga Universe
The Ageian's World
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