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Marius H Visser showcasing book 1 in The Dragon Wars Saga


Marius H. Visser spent the better part of a decade honing his writing skills and pushing the bounds of imagination after his debut fantasy novel Mercury Dagger - A Tale From Kraydenia. When Marius H. Visser is not off exploring the wilds of Australia, he is dreaming up new adventures and monsters to cause chaos in fantastical worlds filled with twists, loyalty, honour and great and terrible battles. Renowned for writing the Dragon Wars Saga, a trilogy known around the world, he sets a new bar for these winged beasts. 

Marius H. Visser grew up in a small town in South Africa called Koffiefontein, where he ran around with friends until the streetlights came on. Everyone knows that is the time you have to be back home, as he says. From there he moved around until eventually landing up in Johannesburg to work in the Information Technology sector, but he never lost his grip on his dreams to write more novels. Dreams inspired by David Gemmel's Winter Warriors, the very first fantasy novel he read.

He became entranced in the worlds created by writers such as David Gemmel, Steven Erikson, Andrzej Sapkowski, Margaret Weis, Raymond E. Feist, and many more. In 2017 he and his wife moved to Australia, where he continues to create new works in the fantasy genre. 



If you can reach your dreams, you are not dreaming big enough.

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