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The Stormfall Cycle

The divide between mortal and immortal fades for some

Image of The Way of the Walker, an Epic Fantasy series the breathes life to myths and legends.

Tenthis, the realm of the gods, is on the brink of destruction. As its death throes summon the World Storm, an unceasing torrent of devastation, the gods must take desperate measures to save themselves - no matter the cost to mortals like Jonas Creed, whose desire for peace was shattered when his wife was murdered. Now, on the run and consumed by fury, he will do whatever it takes to seek vengeance. Will Jonas survive this deadly game of cosmic proportions, or will he be consumed by the wrath of the gods? If you enjoyed Neil Gaiman's American Gods, then you'll love this epic tale of gods and mortals. 

Recommended reading order:

The Call of Jonas Creed - Novella for free to all subscribers.

The Way of the Walker.

Image of the Way of the Walker, Book 1 in The Stormfall Cycle. An Epic, fantasy series that takes scale to whole new level.
The Way of the Walker
The Stormfall Cycle Book One


9780645301663 (Paperback)

9780645301656  (ePub)

9780645301670 (Hardback)

No man lives forever. But our deeds will never die.

Tenthis, the realm of the gods, is dying. The Light of the Eyavare, intended to keep it and the mortal realm separate, is fading, and the merger of two realms unleashes the World Storm. Cities crumble, floods rage, and it is all that man can do to hold on to that which is most precious . . . each other. 

Jonas, a man well acquainted with the dark side of human nature, desired nothing more than to live his life in peace with those dearest to him. A peace that was shattered when his soul was ensnared by a goddess determined to restore Tenthis at any cost. A peace that was shattered by the death of his wife.


Together with Orana, a thief grappling with her own demons, and Vernak, an old man full of wisdom and secrets, and his son Jorin, they embark on a perilous quest to free Jonas’ soul. Yet as the danger mounts, the trust between them falters. How can they save the world if they can’t even save each other?

Echoes of the Darsfiëre Cover
Echoes of the Darsfiëre 
The Stormfall Cycle Book Two


9780975635803 (ePub)
9780645301687 (Paperback)
9780645301694 (Hardback)

Bound by fate, forged in adversity, heroes carve their own path.

With Jonas on the brink of losing his humanity, Jorin, accompanied by Vernak and Tunisia, undertakes a perilous mission to retrieve the shattered pieces of the Darsfiëre – a blade holding the essence of his father’s soul. Their journey takes them into the heart of darkness, where ancient secrets lie dormant and dangers lurk in every shadow.

As they navigate treacherous landscapes and confront formidable adversaries, Jorin grapples with his own identity and the weight of his family legacy. With each step, they inch closer to unlocking the mysteries that bind their fate to the fate of Tenthis itself.

Amidst the chaos of battle and the machinations of gods, Jorin’s journey becomes a crucible of courage and determination. With the fate of worlds hanging in the balance, he must confront the demons of his past and embrace the true nature of his destiny.

The echoes of Jorin’s choices resonate through the tapestry of time, shaping the course of events in ways he could never have imagined. As heroes rise and alliances are tested, Jorin’s quest becomes a beacon of hope in a world consumed by darkness.

The World

More to come later. Watch this space

Map of The Stormfall Cycle
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