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How about a short story that will elevate your mood and ensure satisfaction?

Image of The Call of Jonas Creed, an epic short novella that kicks off The Stormfall Cycle.
The Call of Jonas Creed
Prequel novella for a new series I am busy with.


9780645301632  (ePub)

9780645301649  (Paperback)

Heroes may be forged in fire...

Legends speak of a shadow realm that echoes our own, called the Void, where gods and demons roam the very paths we mortals tread, hidden from our sight and touch, judging us at our worst moments, laughing at our woes.

The Void is inaccessible to all still living save those blessed, or perhaps cursed, with the means to cross between realms. The lands of the gods are not to be trespassed lightly, but the rewards...

Deep in the heart of Yahrska, past the beautiful Brokar Valley, lies Barren Hollows: a small and peaceful village where all Jonas Creed wanted was to leave his past behind and become the loving husband and father he swore he always would be.

But fate leaves none unscathed. Someone is looking for the Voidwalker, and will stop at nothing to get what they want.

...but Legends are born in blood.

Image of Cracked Sky, a short story written by Marius H Visser to gift his readers with a family friendly fairy-tale
Cracked Sky


9780645301625 (ePub)

One morning as I woke up, I had the urge to write a short, whimsical, and lighthearted story. I know this is not what I usually write, but heck, try new things, right? This is what came out. Enjoy it. 

This family-friendly little story tells the tale of a heroic little Lem who stepped up as their world's sky crumbles, and against all odds, she fights to save them from the impending disaster.

Buildings crumble as cake falls from the sky, and the Lems have nowhere to go, but little Tess remembered the old stories of Sir Fruigleheit — the mad old wizard — and his fight against the Woodeaters.

Would she be enough to save her world?

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