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Fancy yourself a quick epic fantasy read that won't take you months to finish with multiple novels? Then look no further! These are standalone novels for your quick enjoyment.

Image of Mercury Dagger, a coming of age, sword and sorcery novel that will keep you entertained, toiling with your emotions as our heroes fight for their world.
Mercury Dagger
A Tale From Kraydenia Second Edition


9780645092202 (Paperback)

9780645092219  (ePub)

9780645092295 (Hardback)

Evil grows in the shadows of the land and fate calls their name. Can a band of unlikely heroes survive a grueling quest?

Gordon is desperate to take his place in the world of men. Eagerly partaking in the rite of passage to adulthood, he’s thrown off course when thieves invade his final task of hunting a magically enraged bear. Dodging swords and claws as he teams up with a battle-weary fighter, the pair barely escape by the skin of their teeth.

Malachai can’t wash the blood from his hands. Struggling to forget the torture he endured through the wars, the damaged soldier now only wields his dual-headed hammer to defend the innocent. So after he and his feisty young ally discover a malevolent sorcerer’s bid for domination, he vows to put an end to the dark threat.

After Gordon uncovers a prophecy naming him and his companion to be saviours, the fresh-faced warrior strikes out for the vast and dangerous lands beyond his home. Malachai risks everything to protect his friends and confronts his gruesome past in readiness for a bloody fight for the realm.

Will destiny steal their last breath before they can save everyone from darkness?

Mercury Dagger is an epic tale of sword and sorcery fantasy. If you like intrepid fellowships, breathtaking twists and turns, and mind-blowing world-building, then you’ll love Marius H. Visser’s lively story.

Buy Mercury Dagger to forge a powerful alliance today!

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