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  • Marius H Visser

Tips Of The Trade

Have you ever had that feeling that you are writing this absolutely amazing fight scene or cave dwelling or anything else for that matter, only to get critized by someone stating, "Thats not how it works..."

Although in fictional writing, you have your imagination to roam free because, "Who says carpets can't fly?" You have to have some element of truth or proof at least as to how it is possible or that it is factual.

I have found, the best way for me personally when writing is to go out and experience most of what I am writing about, for example, if you want to write about a couple of friends walking about in a cave exploring the dwellings of dwarves and possible gold lying about... Then go to a cave and walk around, crawl through the narrow spaces, hit your head once or twice, make sure to note every single little detail possible. How cold it is, how very, very, very dark. What the stone formations look like, the Stalagtites and the Stalagmites. What flowstone really look like and stench of water lying in a puddle for a while now.

If you really want to write a sword fighting scene, go for a class... You will be amazed at the exhaustion you will experience as you fight for your life, trying to keep your head on your scrawny little neck. The quick breaths that you will take, the co-ordination and the lightning reflexes needed to stay off another blow, possibly fatal this time. Put yourself in the Characters shoes to put it blunt.

Please dont try and experience how it will actually feel like to lose an arm or something stupid like that. It's a one way street.

Write with the eyes of your character, be him/her/It...

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