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Where to start if the cursor only blinks?

So many a time you open your writing software full of enthusiasm and the bravado to take on a raging bull. Only to find you staring down the blinking cursor for hours on end. A writers nightmare...

How do you get past this you ask? Well, the only way I have come to beat this is to literally start writing anything that pops into your head. This post started with a blinking cursor come to think about it. But now as I write I can feel the creative juices starting to build in my head. I am starting to see dragons jump out from the pages, I can feel the sword slicing through the flesh of my components...

Now is the best time to start writing. I can publish this post and head on over to my novel and continue after the infuriating ordeal with the cursor. And now I know what needs to happen next. No delay.

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