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Yes, look at it and weep pitiful mortals!

The Way of the Walker Cover reveal
The Way of the Walker Cover

Just kidding, just kidding, I'm not immortal. Not yet anyway . . . It's really tough to grow the right beans.

I've spent the last six months getting this novel done, and it is now so close to being finished. The first round of edits is done and dusted, and the second round is underway. If all goes well, I will get the book back from the editor in the next week or so. This means I can have it done by the end of this month.

So yes, I am looking at a release date at the end of July, maybe the beginning of August.

I can't believe that it is time for another release, especially for this novel, or series, I might say, as this stems from a short story I wrote nearly twelve years ago now. Yes, that's right! The Call of Jonas Creed was originally written as part of a writer's course I did. I was told it was way too violent, and fast-paced, and so I stretched it out some. Yes . . . The novella is the stretched-out version. So after the original writing of it, I filed it away and left it simmering for a long time, for an eventual day when I had a story baking that would blossom into a full-blown series. And that time has finally come. And it all begins with The Way of the Walker! Well, not true, as it all began with The Call of Jonas Creed, but semantics.

I have created a new world, Mayanore, where I have infused a sort of Greek Mythos into the realm. The world of man is separated from Tenthis, the realm of the gods, by a thinning Fold, a barrier that no man can cross, except for the Voidwalker . . . There is a lot of action and adventure to be had in this novel already, with great storms, furious battles, monsters, and gods waiting to grab you by your fantasy whiskers to draw you in.

Be ready for the next adventure!

The Stormfall Cycle is coming soon!

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