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Mercury Dagger Second Edition Now Available!

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

As you might have seen, the all-new Mercury Dagger - A Tale From Kraydenia has been released and is available here: Amazon

This is a fantasy tale that will grip you from beginning to end. A story filled with loyalty, honour and terrible deceit awaits you as you are taken on a perilous journey with our heroes, fighting the evil ravaging the country all while keeping the very annoying - but helpful - Mekkel in check.

Ignorant of the world beyond the walls of Karta, the capital of Kraydenia, young Gordon faces a rite of passage that will reward him with the privilege of being regarded as a man. It has always been a harrowing ordeal, but never like this. Joined on his quest by two others, they find themselves quickly snared by a growing threat ravaging Kraydenia.

Stranded far from his homeworld, Baldrake, the fierce general of the Gar hounds, is shunned from the pack and stripped of his title by the last remaining wolves of Gar. Now, as evil rears its head in Kraydenia, he fights for their name, their honour, and the right to call this new world their home.

With a deep, hidden, tortured past, Malachai not only fights for the land, but also fights the turmoil raging inside him—his warhammer no longer a shiny ornament of obscurity hanging on the wall, but blood-stained and strapped to his back once more.

The companions will have to fight for much more than just Gordon’s cause, as the fate of the world rests in their hands and leads to a mystical journey fraught with danger.

Outclassed and outnumbered, the unlikely band of heroes find an ally who could tip the scales to fight the magic of a powerful sorcerer and the evil forces he commands. But can they trust them?

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