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  • Marius H Visser

Writing on the road

There is few things in the world that clears your head like being one with nature. Be it, camping, hiking, fishing, swimming in the ocean or just sitting on the beach and watching the waves roll in with their rhythmic motion. Or watching the sway of the trees in a forest as the wind blows from side to side, putting you to ease like a lullaby for a babe.

It is in this time that I find myself dreaming up scenes and envisioning the story to progress to fulfillment. It takes the chaos in my mind, speeding at a thousand miles a second in all directions and focuses them. Slowing them down to make a more laid out version of the rampage in my head. And believe me, there is a lot of chaos if not focused.

Take some time. Hit the road and clear your head, there are some amazing places out there.

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